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The Challenge: How to Meet When Geographically Separated
The Commonwealth College is comprised of 12 geographically separated Penn State University campuses, with central administration offices at University Park. Career Services staff at each of these campuses were interested in meeting and exchanging information so they could leverage their shared knowledge and resources, rather than “recreating the wheel” at each campus. However, because of limited staff size and the cost and time involved in travel, they could not meet face to face frequently enough to develop this exchange.

The Solution: Virtual (Online) Meetings

Following a face-to-face organizational meeting, members of the Career Services staff from various campuses met virtually on a regular schedule using an online instant messaging system, as well as e-mail and telephones, to plan, share, and develop documents. As with a face-to-face team, they developed ground rules and addressed responsibilities and expectations.
Through these meetings they have been able to develop a mission statement, and are developing an online Staff Development and Reference Resource, which they all can use to share information. They have saved significant travel time and costs. Additionally, they are now communicating more through the use of technology, have renewed energy, and are interested in finding additional ways to work more closely.


For more information about this virtual team, contact Joelle Sherlock at


Judith Goetz
Joelle Sherlock
Asst. Director Career Services

 "...the room or space we're in is not a tangible room with walls...."

 "There are 12 campuses who know each other exist..."

Project Members
   Joelle Sherlock
   Barbara Sherlock
Current Members:
   Courtney Keene
   Beth Marhefka
   Jim Shields
   Clare Tauriello
   Janet Yates
Past Members:
   Kathy Maxwell
   Carol Power
   Tera Mikula

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