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24/7 Access to Learning Center Resources for StudentsUniversity Learning Centers, Undergraduate Education

The Challenge: Increase Student Access to University Learning Centers’ Resources

The University Learning Centers (ULC) at University Park provide numerous free academic support services to students. For example, the ULC hires over 150 undergraduates each semester as peer tutors and consultants. As observations in any academic environment will reveal, students do not manage their schedules based on a traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. Additionally, with the growth of the Web and the Internet, people have come to expect 24/7 access to most organizations and services.

The Solution: Online Access to Many University Learning Centers’ Resources

The University Learning Centers used technology to address this challenge. The most obvious action was to post the hours and services for each of their locations at their Web site. They have gone beyond that, however, by reaching out to students who are providing support services as well as those who are using them. Interested prospective tutors can complete an employment application online. Students wishing to request a tutor can also do so by filling out an online form. Students looking for assistance have 24/7 access to an interactive study skills web site and e-tutoring in writing, in addition to more traditional services.

You can visit the University Learning Centers’ online resources and updated web site at:

Ann McLaren
Ann McLaren, Director, University Learning Centers

 "The most powerful thing is [...] really talking to another learner."

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