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The Challenge: To Reduce the Cost Associated with Benefits Enrollment
Every Fall, Penn State employees make choices about their employee benefits regarding medical insurance, life insurance and flexible benefits. For years, the process involved printing and mailing forms and guides. Each employee received a thick envelope of information and was asked to complete the many forms and return them for processing.

Benefits Stack
Benefits Card
The Solution: Online Benefits Enrollment
The new system allowed:
  • Over 14,000 employees to participate more efficiently in the benefits open enrollment process each year
  • A cost savings of over $70,000 per year by placing benefits enrollment online
  • Accurate and expedient enrollment since information is entered directly online by employee
  • Confidentiality since employees enter their own information online
  • Benefits staff have more time to assist employees rather than processing forms

Implementing a new system always requires careful planning
The team used several methods to educate employees about the change:
  • Articles in the University newspaper, the Intercom, and department and college newsletters.
  • Training for Human Resource Representatives and other employees.
  • Letters and postcards sent to each employee.
  • Online access via computers at employee benefits fairs and during the open enrollment period.
  • Requests for employee comments and feedback to continue to improve the online benefits system.

Visit the Penn State Employment Benefits Online:
Gary Schultz
Gary Schultz, Senior V.P. Finance & Business
 A lot of the world is going to self service..."

 "There have been tremendous cost savings..."

Billie Willits
Billie Willits, Asst. V.P. Human Resources
 "We realized the technology would allow us to change the process..."

   Billie Willits
   Mike Hartman
   Nancy Hensal
   Lesley Wills
   Doris Davis
   Jan Frank
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